Real time research

What we do

Founded in 1999, Real Time Research (RTR) is a small business specializing in biological studies focused on fish and wildlife recovery. Our scientists and technologists have been at the forefront of efforts to restore threatened and endangered species for ​over ​20 years. During that time, RTR has been awarded numerous contracts focusing on research, monitoring, and evaluation of fish and wildlife populations of conservation concern.

RTR offers a unique combination of technological know-how coupled with intimate knowledge of fish and wildlife research in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere. Specifically, our team has extensive experience with tagging studies (passive integrated transponder tags, biotelemetry, and others), fish injury and survival investigations, mark-recapture modeling studies, and predation research. RTR is also a regional leader in modern data collection and management systems, including the development of mobile data collection software, cloud-based data storage systems, web-based data management portals, and the use and integration of Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Utilizing a software platform developed by RTR's technologists, RTR Field Forms, we can rapidly develop and deploy custom data solutions for our clients.