improving traditional processes of collecting, analyzing and reporting biological information

How we do it

Data is at the core of every scientific research study. How data is collected, managed, distributed, and ultimately analyzed, can greatly influence the outcome of a project. Modern technology has fundamentally changed this process in ways that are both beneficial and challenging to the field researcher. With the advent of different digital technologies, today’s researchers have access to vastly more data and information than they did in the past. As more and more data sources become available the challenge becomes how to integrate, manage, store, and analyze the data in an efficient and cost effective manner. That’s where we come in. RTR has spent years building custom electronic data collection and management systems for ​scores of environmental clients, all with their own unique data needs. Our systems typically include mobile data collection applications that integrate data from a wide variety of technologies (e.g., PIT tag readers, GPS, digital scales, digital cameras, and unmanned aerial systems or drones) into one database housed in “the cloud.” Finally, with a secure web-based data management console, specified users can access project information from virtually anywhere in real time. By using our tools, what was once an unorganized and inefficient process becomes simple, orderly, and fast.