aimed at the restoration of vital environmental resources

The ​PROJECTS we do

Since the early 1990's, RTR staff have been working in the Columbia River Basin on studies aimed at the recovery of ESA-listed salmon and steelhead populations. Currently, our reach has expanded to include other geographic regions (e.g., Alaska, California, Montana, and Massachusetts) and species (e.g., Pacific lamprey, Warner suckers, least terns). Regardless, our work always has the same goal: the restoration of threatened and imperiled species and populations.

Over the years, RTR has worked on scores of projects focused on collecting biological and geospatial information often using a custom software platform (RTR Field Forms) that we developed in house to collect, manage, analyze, and distribute environmental data. By incorporating the latest technologies into all our projects, we seek to minimize the time it takes to answer complex questions so that solutions to environmental problems can be identified and implemented quickly.