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  • Ken Collis, M.S.

    Ken Collis, M.S.

    Founding Partner & Senior Wildlife Scientist

    Ken is an accomplished scientist with more than 25 years of experience working in the Columbia River Basin, starting with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (1991), Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (1992–1999), and then Real Time Research, which he founded in 1999. During this time, Ken has acted as the PI/co-PI on numerous multi-year, federally-funded studies on predation in the Columbia River and has authored or co-authored more than 30 peer-reviewed journal articles, and has served as the lead author on nearly as many unpublished technical reports. His area of scientific expertise is in predation-related studies on juvenile salmonids in the Columbia Basin, focused on the impacts of both avian and piscine (e.g., northern pikeminnow) predators. Contact Ken at ken@realtimeresearch.com.

  • Allen Evans, M.S.

    Allen Evans, M.S.

    Partner & Senior Fish Scientist

    Allen is a regional expert in fish passage and survival studies in the Snake and Columbia Rivers, with more than 20 years of experience. He has developed, and successfully implemented, several innovative technologies in fisheries science, including ultrasound imaging to evaluate fish reproductive status; biotelemetry to evaluate fish survival and dam passage routes; digital imaging techniques to evaluate fish condition and injury rates; and mark-recapture modeling to estimate downstream survival and juvenile-to-adult return rates. Allen is an expert in studies involving juvenile fish identification, behavior, abundance and survival in freshwater and estuary habitats. He has also pioneered studies involving post-spawned steelhead (kelt) survival and return rates in the Snake River, and has authored or co-authored 16 peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts on both juvenile and adult salmonid survival in the Federal Columbia River Power System (FCRPS). Contact Allen at allen@realtimeresearch.com.

  • Mike Hawbecker

    Mike Hawbecker

    Partner & Chief Technology Officer

    ​For more than 20 years, Mike has blended his background in science and fisheries research with experience in information technology. Through this unique specialization, field researchers and project managers have access to innovative data collection and management techniques. His experience includes the development of mobile data collection applications, database design and administration, server management and administration, and web application development. He also specializes in PIT-tag data collection systems. Contact Mike at mike@realtimeresearch.com.

  • Quinn Payton, Ph.D.

    Quinn Payton, Ph.D.

    Senior Statistician

    Quinn is a statistician with extensive experience collaborating with wildlife biologists, geographers, oceanographers, and other environmental researchers. He has a broad range of specialties including nonparametric spatial and temporal analysis, hierarchical Bayesian analysis, spatially balanced survey design, autoregressive density dependence modelling, and sophisticated graphical presentation. In addition to his solid knowledge of statistical programming languages such as R, for which he has written a package to easily generate spatial graphical presentations, he is also adept with multiple computing languages including SQL, Visual Basic and JAVA. Contact Quinn at quinn@realtimeresearch.com.

  • Aaron Turecek

    Aaron Turecek

    Senior GIS Analyst

    Aaron has more than 20 years of experience implementing geospatial technology to facilitate natural resource management projects. His extensive experience includes designing and managing databases, remote sensing, and analyzing spatial relationships within complex environmental systems. Additionally, he has experience in developing web-based custom mapping solutions, satellite image and digital photography classification, seafloor mapping with a variety of acoustic sonar systems, environmental monitoring, and coastal geomorphological modeling. Aaron has developed RTR's unmanned aircraft system (UAS) capabilities for fish and wildlife monitoring and mapping applications.  Aaron is an FAA-licensed Remote Pilot for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Contact Aaron at aaron@realtimeresearch.com.

  • Nathan Banet, M.S.

    Nathan Banet, M.S.

    Fish and Wildlife Biologist

    Nate is a fish and wildlife biologist specializing in active and passive monitoring technologies with over 10 years of experience collaborating with academic, state, federal, and private agencies. After working with RTR investigating the success of newly established Caspian tern breeding habitat at Malheur NWR, Nate helped develop invasive carp management programs informed by longitudinal telemetry studies in Minnesota. Recently, Nate completed three, multi-year tracking studies of endangered catostomids in the Upper Klamath Basin. Now back at RTR, Nate coordinates field work studying piscivorous colonial waterbirds, assists with PIT-tag recovery efforts and data analysis to understand avian impacts to endangered salmonids, and offers support to RTR’s unmanned aircraft systems. Contact Nate at nate.banet@realtimeresearch.com  

  • Nick Hukriede

    Nick Hukriede

    Data Analyst

    Nick is a young professional utilizing his background in mathematics and information technology to develop data solutions for fisheries sciences. His range of experiences include developing business intelligence visualization tools, management and testing of mobile data collection applications, software and hardware management, IT administration, and data analytics. Contact Nick at nick@realtimeresearch.com.


  • Brad Watkins

    Brad Watkins


    Brad has nearly 25 years of experience in accounting, finance and administration. Six of the years, he worked for a public utility in their corporate accounting department as well as working almost 3 years for a civil engineering firm. Brad has also worked for a large manufacturer for more than 12 years where he was eventually promoted to the position of Financial Controller. He managed the accounting team and worked on many different process improvement projects with the goal of becoming a lean manufacturer. Recently, Brad joined our team, and will oversee finances for the company, including contract administration, accounting, human resources and other management-related functions. Contact Brad at brad.watkins@realtimeresearch.com.

  • Ado Marinucci

    Ado Marinucci

    Software Engineer

    Ado is a software engineer who has nearly 15 years of experience in systems design and software development. He specializes in developing client/server database solutions with data synchronization, MS Windows development and mobile development as well as web application development. Ado has experience developing solutions that integrate a wide variety of scientific instrumentation including PIT-tag readers, digital scales, digital cameras and GPS. Proficiencies include. C++, C# and VB.NET programming languages, TSQL, Network Protocols TCP, UDP and MODBUS (serial communications). Additional development technology proficiencies include: .NET FRAMEWORK 4+, WPF, WCF, WINDOWS FORMS, .NET COMPACT FRAMEWORK, SILVERLIGHT, DIRECTX 9.0/10.0+, LINQ, ASP.NET 4+, AJAX, DYNAMICDATA, MS SYNC FRAMEWORK, SQLSERVER 2005/2008+, WIN32, and GDI+.