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Allen Evans, M.S.

Partner & Senior Fish Scientist

Allen Evans, M.S.
Allen is a regional expert in fish passage and survival studies in the Snake and Columbia Rivers, with more than 20 years of experience. He has developed, and successfully implemented, several innovative technologies in fisheries science, including ultrasound imaging to evaluate fish reproductive status; biotelemetry to evaluate fish survival and dam passage routes; digital imaging techniques to evaluate fish condition and injury rates; and mark-recapture modeling to estimate downstream survival and juvenile-to-adult return rates. Allen is an expert in studies involving juvenile fish identification, behavior, abundance and survival in freshwater and estuary habitats. He has also pioneered studies involving post-spawned steelhead (kelt) survival and return rates in the Snake River, and has authored or co-authored 16 peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts on both juvenile and adult salmonid survival in the Federal Columbia River Power System (FCRPS). Contact Allen at allen@realtimeresearch.com.

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