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Nathan Banet, M.S.

Fish and Wildlife Biologist

Nathan Banet, M.S.

Nate is a fish and wildlife biologist specializing in active and passive monitoring technologies with over 10 years of experience collaborating with academic, state, federal, and private agencies. After working with RTR investigating the success of newly established Caspian tern breeding habitat at Malheur NWR, Nate helped develop invasive carp management programs informed by longitudinal telemetry studies in Minnesota. Recently, Nate completed three, multi-year tracking studies of endangered catostomids in the Upper Klamath Basin. Now back at RTR, Nate coordinates field work studying piscivorous colonial waterbirds, assists with PIT-tag recovery efforts and data analysis to understand avian impacts to endangered salmonids, and offers support to RTR’s unmanned aircraft systems. Contact Nate at nate.banet@realtimeresearch.com  

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